Summer Must-Haves

Summer Must-Haves

Summer.  When the days get longer, the stars shine brighter, your hair gets lighter, the water gets warmer, the music gets louder, and life gets better.  Life is in full bloom in the summertime, and the world around us is a little sweeter.  Bare feet, watermelon, and fireworks are part of our season’s memories.  Let us help you add even more to your summer.

Neoprene Tote

Every girl needs a good bag for summer.  This neoprene tote will be the one for summer.  This bag is designed to last.  It is the perfect blend of luxury, style, and functionality to take on the go! It is the best bag you will ever own.  It has a removable pouch secured by a lobster clasp, side panels that extend for more capacity, and a magnetic snap for a streamlined look.  This tote is perfect for a day at the beach, work, kid’s sporting events, or a night on the town with friends.

Body (expanded) - 18" W x 12" H x 10" D
Body (sides collapsed) - 15" W x 12" H x 10" D
Pouch - 8.5" W x 6" H
Strap Handles - 10.25"

Watermelon Candies

Who doesn’t love watermelon?  It is the fruit of summer!  Everywhere we look, there is watermelon.  Want a less messy way to enjoy that sweet taste of summer?  Moxie Creed has just what you are looking for. 

            Watermelon Sour Belts

            Do you love all things sour?  Watermelon sour belts are the perfect combination of sweet and sour without the mess.  Our sour belts taste like fresh watermelon.  They have just the right amount of sour to make your lips pucker and the right amount of sweet to keep you coming back for more!

            Watermelon Ribbon Candies

            Are you looking to kick your candy experience up a notch? Try the watermelon ribbon candies.  These perfect watermelon-flavored pillows hold a spicy surprise on the inside.  Each candy pillow is filled with a kick of chili lime and sea salt.  Give your summer a spicy kick!

            Dragon Egg Candies   

            Summertime brings out the inner child in all of us.  Try our watermelon dragon egg candies.  These mystical dragon eggs have a cracking shell and are filled with a sour watermelon core.  Take yourself back to childhood or share with the kids. 

Energizing Citrus Soaps

What better way to end a hot summer day than to relax in the bath?  Our energizing citrus soaps and bath bombs will add a burst of energy to your evening. 

            ENERGIZE Olive Oil Soap-Satsuma Citrus Blast

            This bright orange and green soap is a citrus lover’s delight.  It boasts a beautiful blend of orange, mandarin, mango, peach, lime, jasmine, and orange.  It is both energizing and intoxicating.  Moxie Creed’s artisan soap will leave your skin feeling soft and clean.

            Bath Bomb-Clementine & Honey

            Add some fun and fizz to the tub this summer.  Our bath bombs are made with the same non-staining, organic coloring and hypoallergenic ingredients as our bubble rubble but with more fizz and fewer bubbles.  Bliss is a blend of refreshing orange peel and clementine dipped in honey, making it a refreshing delight. Place gently into warm bath water to create the best bath time experience. 

PJ Kabos “Family Reserve” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We all know that summer is the season for salads. Moxie Creed’s ULTRA-PREMIUM, GOLD MEDAL WINNER IN 2021 - Fresh, clean taste, hand-harvested in November 2020 (2020/21 harvest). It comes in an elegant 16.9 fl oz tin that is easy to store and handle (you don’t need a dispenser bottle or sprayer as it has a pouring spout Great business or personal gift idea. Best Before November 2022.

Rich in healthy Antioxidants (410 mg/kg Phenols during production), our EVOO is very special to try on its own or as a salad dressing and pairs perfectly with most foods that require a medium taste (salads, vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, beans, seafood, grains, dairy). Although recommended as a finishing oil, it is suitable for all cooking needs (Raw, Sautéing, Deep Frying, Baking, Grilling).

Ingredients: 100% Certified Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Single Origin | Ancient Olympia Vicinity (north of Kalamata) | Cold-Extracted | No Additives | Natural Juice | Unrefined | Koroneiki Tree Variety | non-GMO | BPA-Free | No Pesticides | No Herbicides | No Chemicals | Very low acidity of under 0.25% (over three times less than the maximum limit for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil category). Very high smoke point of over 400°F.

Olive groves are in the mystical Peloponnese mountains near the site of Ancient Olympia, Greece. Limited production.

Tasting intensity: Medium. Tasting characteristics: Aromas of cut grass, tomato leaf, and notes of fresh mint. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, medium bitterness, and pungency, with notes of basil, green almond, and thyme—a high persistence and complexity. Give your cuisine that authentic Mediterranean taste.



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