Single on Valentine's Day?

Single on Valentine's Day?

It's No Big Deal!

Why is being single on Valentine's Day a big deal? Guess what? IT DOESN'T! Whether you are single by choice (YES-that is a thing!), getting over a breakup, or stuck in an awkward situationship, there is nothing weird about being single on Valentine's Day or any other day.

That leaves you wondering what in the world you are supposed to do on a day when all you see are couples. You have two choices – you can ignore Valentine's Day altogether (which isn't that hard) or use it as an excuse to celebrate you and all your other relationships. And being a supporter of taking advantage of any reason to have a good time, I'd choose the latter.

The best part of celebrating you means you get to do it on your terms. You get to spend the day doing what you want. We have a few ideas on how you can make the most out of February 14th, being the wonderful, single human being that you are.

Try a New Recipe

You know you have them - the recipes pinned on Pinterest or bookmarked on Instagram. Now is the day to pull them out and pick one (or two-who cares). Make your grocery list, go shopping, and get to work. The way to a man's heart may be his stomach, but darling, your heart is the one that matters. Make something delicious and fun. Find the best wine-pairing for your meal, or make your favorite cocktail/mocktail to enjoy with your dinner.

Take Yourself Out

Dining alone is highly underrated. Make a reservation at your favorite restaurant, get all dressed up just for you, and order everything you enjoy because you can! Bring your favorite book, read, eat, relax and have a drink. Treat yourself the way you want to be treated. After all, you are your best valentine.

Plan a Galentine's Day

Wine night, pajama party, or full-blown bash, it's entirely up to you. So call up the girls (single or not) and take the time to appreciate the friendships you have with those closest to you.

Practice Self-Care

Let the day be a day to love yourself. Remind yourself that you are most important! Catch up on sleep, get a mani-pedi, or take a bubble bath. Grab a drink with a single friend. We expend so much energy on others. Let Valentine's Day be a day to give back to you!

Retail Therapy

Valentine's Day is often said to be a corporate scheme, so you might as well take advantage of the steals. (And it falls before President's Day.) Hundreds of retailers offer sales and coupons just for the occasion. Or take it up a notch and enjoy those couple-specific discounts with a friend. I mean, who wouldn't take a discounted couples massage? I know I would. Need some new clothes? Makeup? Jewelry? Nothing feels better than gifting yourself with something you know you will love!

 Get Away

Get out of town! Take that trip you've wanted to take. Spend some time exploring a new place or even an old favorite. You will return feeling like you made the most out of your holiday. And who knows? You might meet someone special.

Offer to Babysit

Do you have friends or family that have kids? Offer to babysit for them so they can go out and enjoy the evening. So grab the kiddos, order pizza, bake brownies and watch FROZEN.

Treat Your Favorite Couple

Cook a romantic dinner for your parents or grandparents. After all, these couples have shown you what love looks like. They have earned an homage.

Make valentines

Grab the girlfriends, the glitter pens, and all the cute stickers you can find, and get to crafting! Grade-school students shouldn't be the only ones enjoying old-fashioned valentine's cards. Show your friends and family how much you love them. Give them out to coworkers, too. Make someone smile. They will undoubtedly be touched by the gesture. Arts and crafts, here we come!

Love Yourself

Do whatever makes you happy! And remind yourself that you are worthy of love.

Being single on Valentine's Day no longer needs to feel like pouring salt in a wound. You can still have fun on February 14th. As a matter of fact, it can be an excellent opportunity to indulge in fun activities, whether a solo dinner or some self-care. Just because you don't have a significant other doesn't mean you can't commemorate this holiday with self-love! And remember-YOU ARE WORTH IT!


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