Need a Gift for a Fun-Loving, Frisky Bridesmaid?

Need a Gift for a Fun-Loving, Frisky Bridesmaid?

Summers are for weddings. Do you have a fun-loving, frisky bridesmaid?  Need a gift?  We have the perfect gifts for her!

Every bride has that friend, the wild one, the loud one, and the one there for every moment in her life.  And she will stand beside you on your most special day-you’re wedding day.  What gift do you give that frisky, fun-loving bridesmaid?  Let us help you give her the gift that will match her personality. 

Lip Smacking Mango Crush Margarita Rim

Whether you are getting ready to ask her to be your bridesmaid or she has already said yes, your bridesmaids will love this sweet, spicy gift.  It’s perfect for those pre-wedding jitters or relaxing after the big day.  Grab a blender and glasses and have some fun. The crushed mango candy blending with chili lime and sea salt will add the perfect amount of sweetness and spice to any bridesmaid’s day.

Vaccination Card Holder for Travel

Travel is back in full swing and just in time for wedding season.  Are you planning a destination wedding?  If so, your bridesmaids need to keep their essential documents in tip-top shape for travel.  The vaccine card protector makes a great addition to any bridesmaid’s gift. 

A vaccination card has become an essential document everyone will need to carry when traveling. This stylish cardholder will keep your Covid-19 vaccination card protected and within reach.

* Keep your vaccine card safe with this beautiful and functional Vinyl case and protector. Fits up to 4.25" x 3.13" cards.
* This protective sleeve is removable, allowing you to safely take out your card to have updated information added as needed.
* Multi-use storage case for other documents.

Sinful Coconut Soap

Every feisty bridesmaid needs a little sinful twist to the day. A sinfully clean experience begins with fresh, daring notes of Japanese grapefruit, bergamot, and lemon, followed by middle notes of peppercorn, ginger, and jasmine, sitting on expensive base notes of natural patchouli, cedar, vetiver, labdanum, and frankincense.

Moxie Creed's Artisan Soap Skin Loving Formula is a blend of olive oil, rice bran oil, and coconut.
Oil, shea butter, and castor oil leave the skin gently cleansed and soft. Perfect for a day of pampering before or after any wedding day.

B’ver Balm

Who doesn’t want a perfectly groomed and smooth area down there?  Keep your special B’ver super soft and supple with this 100% natural aftershave balm. Your wedding party will thank you for taking care of all areas on your big day!

Great everywhere on your body you wish to trim, wax, or shave, and can also be used as an allover salve. Made with all-natural oils, cocoa butter, and vitamin E to moisturize and provide anti-inflammatory properties, B’VER BALM helps rejuvenate the skin. It is also fragrance-Free, vegetarian-friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free, and SLS, Paraben, Phthalate, and Dye-Free.

Hell Yes-F No Watercolor Inspirational Mantra Notebook

There will always be that one bridesmaid with a mouth like a sailor. What better gift to give her than the Hell Yes Notebook?  She can not only help keep your wedding day organized, but she can keep track of precisely what she is thinking at any time. 

“IF IT’S NOT A HELL YES, IT’S AN F-NO” INSPIRATIONAL NOTEBOOK - BLUSH PINK WATERCOLOR NOTEBOOK FOR GOAL GETTERS, AND WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS Wording: “The If It’s Not a “Hell Yes,” it’s a Fuck NO, Journal”• 1, 5.4” x 7.5” Notebook• 48, white-lined pages• High quality, pearl shimmer card stock• Beautifully designed front cover & back cover• Inspirational bookplate on the front, inside cover• Words of wisdom on the back, inside cover

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