It's Time to Roll out the Red Carpet

It's Time to Roll out the Red Carpet

Moxie Creed's Guide to the Ultimate Oscar Party

Roll out the red carpet! Grab your friends and host the hottest awards party of the year! Everything about the Oscars gets us excited. If you need help preparing your acceptance speech, setting up your stage, or finding the perfect attire, you are in the right place. So what are you waiting for? Let's start planning you're A-list event.

Set the Scene

When your guests enter your home or venue, they should be star-struck. So roll out the "red" carpet. Set out fresh flowers, light small candles, and hang glitter starts. You can choose to hang velvet or gold curtains to create the illusion of the Oscar stage. Bright lighting can further add to the fun. Consider using uplighting, floodlights, disco lights, or multicolored lights.

 Moxie Creed’s black glass soy candles will add that subtle elegance to your room, with scents available that will take you to places the star's vacation.

No Oscar party is complete without tiny statues meant to look like the actual Academy Awards. Place these on tables or give out your awards for the night. Then, add gold touches with glitter stars and confetti. Finally, create your award envelopes to hold menus, unique games, and winners for the evening's "Best Dressed."

Dress Code

The Oscars are considered the highlight of all things Hollywood fashion. And dressing up can be fun. Make your party a black-tie affair. Dress like the stars for the night. Encourage your friends to wear their favorite designs from red carpets past or create their own.

You may even decide to forego the black tie all together. Instead, you and your crew could dress as your favorite movie characters or Hollywood icons.

Food & Drinks

Start your party off with a bang. First, greet your guests with a drink to kick off the party. Then, serve cocktails fit for royalty. The Jubilee, Her Ladyship, and His Lordship are perfect for Hollywood royalty. flutes filled with grenadine-topped champagne add the perfect pop of color. Sparkly stir sticks may add just the right finishing touches.

"Shaken' not stirred," Get your guests together for a delicious drink from a classic film. You and your Oscar crew can enjoy a champagne toast with various items, from vintage cocktail glasses to gold-rimmed whisky glasses. Use movies to inspire your choices—for instance, crystal glassware from the award-winning film The Great Gatsby.

You can even explore a range of cocktails from your favorite movies. James Bonds' tall, timeless Vesper Martini may be a great addition to your night. Live the moments of the film with friends.

Scrumptious and chic, nothing makes our tummies rumble more than a lovely, large charcuterie board:

  1. Create a board with tons of cheese, like cheddar, blue, brie, gouda, and feta.
  2. Add loads of fresh fruits, salmon, meats, and vegetables.
  3. Butter boards with warm, toasty bread will add a new touch to your table.


Celebrities love free, fresh food at awards shows. So why not serve sandwiches that are easy to make and quick to eat so you and your guest can take advantage of every moment of the action? Then, get creative with your presentation, from star-shaped sambos to melted toasties.

Top the table with all things Oscars cookies: black bow ties, awards envelopes, and even "Oscar" itself.

Our one-of-a-kind XL Charcuterie and cutting boards will add beauty and flair to your serving tables. And to prep those fruits and vegetables, don't forget to use the Thai Chef's Moon Knife.

Do you want to add a little spice to your night? Rim your drinking glasses in our Lip-Smacking Mango Crush. Your guests will love the crushed mango candy with a chili lime kick.

 Don't Forget the Games

No Oscar party is complete without games. Put your film knowledge to the test and see who comes out on top. We have a few ideas to get you started.

Oscar Charades -- Movie-themed charades are a great way to test everyone's knowledge of film-related things.

Create an Oscars Ballot -- Include all categories to be awarded and have your guests fill it out before the festivities begin. Want to add a little extra fun? Give an "Oscar" to whoever gets the most correct.

Oscar Bingo – This is also a fun and unique idea. Fill blank bingo cards with your favorite 2022 movies, actors' names, etc. Then set the rules at the start of your party. For example, your party guests can collect a star if the movie or actor is mentioned on the red carpet …instead of winning.


To wrap up the night, give your guest the celeb treatment with an adorable bag of Oscar swag:

  • Chocolate stars
  • Mini bottles of liqueur
  • Red-hot lipstick
  • Gold glitter nail polish
  • Anything you deem worthy

Moxie Creed has you covered if you are looking for inspiration for your Oscar party. Gather your friends and celebrate Hollywood’s biggest night! And in the category of Best Oscar Party – the Oscar goes to…….


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