It’s Time to SELF-GIFT

It’s Time to SELF-GIFT

It’s Time to SELF-GIFT

After weeks and months of preparing for the holidays, decorating, and creating the perfect dinner party, buying gifts for everyone under the sun from your mother-in-law, the kid's teachers, your spin instructor, and numerous people in between, things probably got a little out of control. It's not uncommon; it's reality. We're sort of living life on overload this year to make up for the pent-up anxiety we all had last year.

Well, here at Moxie Creed, we'd like to personally authorize January as the month you should feel no guilt at all about self-gifting. It's your time now, and instead of feeling guilty about thinking of yourself for once, you should embrace it and realize you deserve a little retail therapy love.

Gifting yourself is comparable to the flight attendant telling you to put your mask on yourself first. It's important to remember that you get to choose how to bring yourself a little joy. After all, being happy, satisfied, and content impact our overall physical and mental health and wellness. You know the phrase, "If Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy." Even if you're not a mama, this still applies to your world. Hello, overly confident co-workers and meandering people at the grocery store.


Breathe deeply and make some time for yourself.

We invite you to browse our unique gifts for the body, home, bath, kitchen, and office. Throughout the year, we scour for products that have a distinctive sense of purpose, beauty, and power. Here are a few of our favorites:


Luxury Neoprene Tote

The most functional bag you will own!

Designed to last, our fabulous neoprene tote is the perfect blend of luxury, style, and functionality to take on the go! It has a removable pouch secured by a lobster clasp. The side panels expand for more capacity, and it closes with a magnetic snap for a streamlined look. It's perfect for the beach, work, kid's sporting events, or a night on the town. It's the most functional bag you will own, and the fashion-forward look is not only eye-catching but impeccably made.


Candles and Bath Supplies

There is nothing better than time alone, reading a book or simply relaxing by candlelight and taking a long hot bath. With many products to choose from, these are two popular items that fly off the shelves.


Moxie Creed 100% Soy Candles

50 hours of Burning

Made in small batches here in the U.S. and scented with essential oils from around the world, all Moxie Creed candles are phthalate-free and sans dye, preservatives, and additives. They are available in clear or black glass.


Bergamot Rose Body Butter Bar

Eco Conscious Hydration

Our naturally scented body butter bars are fragranced with pure essential oils of Bergamot, Rose Absolute and Ylang Ylang. Infused with rose, rice bran oil, natural beeswax, mango butter, and coconut derived cetyl alcohol, gives it a silky feel and elevates your senses.


Gorgeous Charcuterie Board

A kitchen must have

Who doesn't love a beautiful charcuterie board? Made from imported natural olive wood and topped with an eco-friendly resin that looks like a glassy, blue water flow. The board has a unique shape and looks lovely on the kitchen countertop while not in use. It's a piece of art that begs to be well used or displayed.


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Pure Ingredients & Big Ideas

At Moxie Creed, we believe the products we choose for ourselves should provide only benefits.  They should support our needs, make us feel good for choosing them and reward us with fulfilling their promise. To do this, we choose ingredients so advanced, they could only be achieved by nature, skincare beyond chemistry.




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