How To Organize for Better Work-Life Balance

How To Organize for Better Work-Life Balance

Looking for Better Work-Life Balance? 

Are you struggling to commit to ways to help you get organized? We get it. We all know that fall brings new school supplies, tons of activities, and crazy busy schedules.  It means setting a routine and getting things in order. And sometimes, that means putting things in writing and making them visual. Because the hard part may just be getting all of that out of our heads and onto paper, it’s time to set up a family command center.  Get the to-do lists and schedules out of your head and into writing. Get all your family’s craziness in one place. 

Most families spend much of their time in their kitchens.  Find an area that works for your command center.  Add a calendar with important times and scheduled activities.  Give each person in the home a color to use when adding to the calendar. Organize lists in a cute notebook or journal.  Add in some cute pens or pencils with a simple pen holder.  Keep the area clean and tidy.  Staying organized this season can help keep your family’s stress level to a minimum and keep things running smoothly. And why not treat yourself to some new supplies as well? 

BIG GOALS Inspirational Notebook

We all know that most, if not all, moms have to make lists…, to-do, etc.  But you are also more than just “mom.”  Moms today are business owners, entrepreneurs, executives, and go-getters.  Organization is important. And keeping all our lists, goals, and dreams in one place is perfect.  Grab this gorgeous hot pink inspirational notebook and get busy.

 KITTY MEOW'S “BIG ASS GOALS” HOT PINK WATERCOLOR, INSPIRATIONAL NOTEBOOK FOR GOAL GETTERS, & WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS Perfect for women who want to write down their hopes, dreams, & goals, in total style. Wording: “Journal of Big Ass Goals” • 1, 5.4” x 7.5” Notebook • 48, white lined pages• High quality, luxurious, pearl shimmer card stock • Beautifully designed front cover & back cover • Inspirational bookplate on the front, inside cover • Words of wisdom on the back, inside cover

HELL YES -F No Inspirational Mantra Notebook

“Make room in life for the shit that makes you stupid happy.” It’s essential to keep track of personal goals and to-do lists also.  Remember that saying “yes” to things is great but saying “f no” can be just as great! Moxie Creed has the perfect notebook for those moments. 

“IF IT’S NOT A HELL YES, IT’S AN F-NO” INSPIRATIONAL NOTEBOOK - BLUSH PINK WATERCOLOR NOTEBOOK FOR GOAL GETTERS, AND WOMEN ENTREPRENEURS Wording: “The If It’s Not a “Hell Yes”, it’s a Fuck NO, Journal”• 1, 5.4” x 7.5” Notebook• 48, white lined pages• High quality, pearl shimmer card stock• Beautifully designed front cover & back cover• Inspirational bookplate on the front, , inside cover• Words of wisdom on the back, inside cover.


For all those women out there that need a reminder that you are a “badass”, there is the Bad Ass Boss Lady Pencil Pack.  Throw these in your pen cup on your desk, and always know that the world wouldn’t survive without you.  These pencil sets will brighten your desk and your day and make the perfect gifts for other women.

Set of 7 pencils sealed cello sleeve with a wrapped.  Our unsharpened.#2 lead-certified non-toxic.Latex-free synthetic erasers. Designed and packaged with l-o-v-e! Includes:(2) Black pencil with w/gold writing - “I’m a hustler baby”(2) Pink pencil with w/black paper - “Dream big. Dress well. Do good.”(2) Gold Pencil w/writing - “Chasing Dreams…not men.”(1) White Pencil w/gold writing - “Be the badass CEO of your life."

Moxie Creed has just what you need to organize your family for the new school year. Grab your notebooks and pencils and get your command center ready for take-off. Who knows? You might get a thank you for making life easy when it can get the craziest.


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