F is for Farmer's Markets, Football and Food

F is for Farmer's Markets, Football and Food

Summer is winding down and fall is just over the horizon. It’s the perfect time for trips to farmer’s markets to grab home-grown vegetables, pumpkins, and apples. Football is in full swing, too. Tailgating and barbeques with friends are on the schedule for the weekends.  And food!  There is food everywhere you turn to celebrate the turning of the season.  Pumpkin spice, apple, and caramel are all signs that fall is in the air.   Let Moxie Creed help you celebrate all things fall with our ever-changing lineup of gifts.

Moroccan Shopping Basket Backpack

Need extra hands to browse goodies and taste-test local treats at your neighborhood farmer’s market? Look no further than the Moroccan Shopping Basket Backpack. This is where fashion meets practicality.  This shopping bag can be carried or worn as a backpack leaving your hands free to snack your way through the market. 

Moroccan basket-making regions are identifiable by the material used to form the body of the bag. These backpacks are made with Dwarf Palm from an area north of Fez that gives a special balance between great strength and softness. Artisans near the Atlas Mountains (where the Dwarf Palm is indigenous) weave the fine palm, and leather workers in Marrakesh finish the straps and handle.

The straps fit comfortably over the shoulders and can be adjusted in two places for security. The leather handle on the top allows for versatility in carrying. An interior pull cord and lining help keep your treasures secure.

Height with handles - 21''
Height without handles - 15.5''
Depth - 3.5''
Adjustable straps - 27'' - 32'' long

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PJ Kabos “ Family Reserve” Extra Virgin Olive Oil

After a long day of browsing the farmer’s market, let’s cook.  Fresh vegetables will pair perfectly with our PJ Kabos Extra Virgin Olive Oil. ULTRA-PREMIUM, GOLD MEDAL WINNER IN 2021 - Fresh, clean taste, hand harvested in November of 2020 (2020/21 harvest). It comes in an elegant 16.9 fl. oz tin which is easy to store and handle (you don’t need a dispenser bottle or sprayer as it has its own pouring spout). Great business or personal gift idea.

Rich in healthy Antioxidants (410 mg/kg Phenols during production), our EVOO is very special to try on its own or as a salad dressing and pairs perfectly with most foods that require a medium taste (salads, vegetables, fruit, meat, poultry, beans, seafood, grains, dairy) and although recommended as a finishing oil, it is suitable for all cooking needs (Raw, Sautéing, Deep Frying, Baking, Grilling)

Tasting intensity: Medium. Tasting characteristics: Aromas of cut grass, tomato leaf, and notes of fresh mint. Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, medium bitterness, and pungency, with notes of basil, green almond, and thyme—a high persistence and complexity. Give your cuisine that authentic Mediterranean taste.

X-Large Cheese/Charcuterie Board

Add some flair to your football parties and tailgating events. Our charcuterie board will show out as the centerpiece for your food.  Perfect for arranging finger foods and snacks. Each board is made of exotic olive wood from Italy.  No two boards are the same, making them even more unique. Grab one for yourself and one for a friend.  They make the perfect addition to any party.

Thai Chef’s Moon Knife

Prepping meals can be the most difficult part.  Don’t let a dull knife get in your way.  Add the Thai Chef’s Moon Knife to your collection, and never be left struggling. 200 years of making knives have been passed down through the generations, so today, we have the fruits of this tradition through our Thai Moon Knife. Each Thai Moon Knives is made of carbon steel, cut, and sharpened to traditional standards. This chef's knife was traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets; it even cuts through bone. It’s a dream for slicing through meat, bone, and hard-skinned fruit (like watermelon).

The lightweight, carbon steel Moon Knife (for its round shape) allows for a longer cut. Its light, the thin blade makes it ideal for preparing coconut, watermelon, hard-skinned fruits - and all meat.

Moxie Creed wants to help you get fall ready with our outstanding kitchen items.  Keep your hands free while shopping and fill your basket to the rim.  Take in the sights, sounds, and smells of fall, whether watching football with friends or taking a hayride through a pumpkin patch. Seasons are short. Make food and memories!

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