Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Stay-At-Home Date Night

Celebrate Valentine's Day with a Stay-At-Home Date Night

Do you always forget to make dinner reservations, or maybe you don't like crowds? Are you on a tight budget, or do you like the idea of a romantic night in the comfort of your own home? No matter your reason for staying in on Valentine's Day, we get it! Here's the thing – don't let the night go by like any regular night. Hide the take-out menus and resist the urge to "Netflix and chill." Instead, make plans so you and your partner feel like you are on a romantic date night. After all, the cost is usually cheaper, the atmosphere is often quieter, and the intimacy has no limits….well, unless your kids are still awake. In that case, send them to bed early with a good book! Moxie Creed has a few fun, unique ideas for you and your significant other to celebrate right in the comfort of your home.

  1. Spend the night on the living room floor: Set up your air mattress—roast marshmallows in the fireplace. Have a romantic picnic. String up some lights, light a few candles, clear some furniture, and throw cozy blankets and pillows on the floor.
  2. Make dinner together: Choose a menu and get ingredients ahead of time. Check out online cooking classes or follow along with a recipe from a meal delivery kit like Blue Apron or Home Chef.
  3. Have a board game night: Pull out your favorite games for a friendly competition: Scrabble, Monopoly, Farkle, or even traditional card games like UNO. Or spice it up this Valentine's Day with a sexy game night.
  4. Watch a romantic movie together: Need some movie ideas? Check out IMDB for a list of top romantic movies.
  5. Turn your living room into a ballroom: Move the furniture out of the way, turn on some music, and dance like its prom night all over again. Can't dance? Find an instruction video on YouTube and learn a dance together.
  6. Read a book together: It could be something romantic, marriage-building, or a silly book from your childhood. Just enjoy the moments and laughter.
  7. Set the mood: Think candles (Moxie Creed can help with those), flowers, a multi-course dinner, or even fondue. Recreate your favorite meal from a fancy restaurant. Embrace the atmosphere around your dining table. Want to be a little extra? Dress the part -wear your finest attire.
  8. Revel in wedding day memories: This will mean more to the girls than the guys but look at old wedding albums or photos of when you started your relationship; what better way to rekindle the spark than remembering how it began?
  9. Enjoy hot chocolate/coffee/tea under the stars: It doesn't get much better than sitting together in peace under the stars. Spending moments like this together help build more profound levels of communication.
  10. Get your sport on: We know- it doesn't sound all that romantic. But playing your favorite sport together in the backyard does wonders for relationships.
  11. Give each other a massage.
  12. Play a video game together.
  13. Create a campfire in the backyard or light up the grill: Roast hot dogs, wrap up in a warm blanket, and enjoy time by the fire.
  14. Go star gazing: So many ways that you can do this. Throw a blanket on the ground, wrap up in sleeping bags in your backyard, or fill the bed of a truck with blankets and pillows. Snuggle up with your partner and watch the stars.
  15. Read your journals, letters, and little notes from when you were dating.
  16. Have a karaoke night: Grab a mic and lip-sync your favorite love songs to one another.
  17. Have a Nerf gun war: Seriously! How fun would it be to sneak around your house in the dark and shoot each other? HA!
  18. Order in: Get your favorite pizza or Chinese food delivered. Be sure to use your chopsticks!
  19. Spa Night: Think candles, bubble baths, foot massages….the works.
  20. Make a gratitude list together: List everything you are thankful for as a couple.

Do you need help shopping for items to make the night special? Let Moxie Creed help. We have candles perfect for romantic dinners, picnics or to make you feel like you are in an exotic wonderland while snuggled up on your couch.

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Sherwood Forest Scented Candle

Are you opting for the romantic picnic on the living room floor? Add a touch of the outdoors with the Sherwood Forest Scented Candle. You will get lost in the forest with the one you love. Surround yourselves with Eucalyptus, mint, cypress, pine, and tonka for an unforgettable evening.

 Valentine's Day doesn't have to be stressful. It doesn't even have to cost a lot of money. With a bit of thought, creativity, and planning, you can have the perfect Valentine's date night at home.

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