Best Stocking Stuffers – Fun for Kids (of all ages)

Best Stocking Stuffers – Fun for Kids (of all ages)

No holiday is complete without seeing sheer joy and delight on a child's face. Our children know this season as magical. They are excited over every detail, from twinkling lights to their elf playing pranks around the house. Think outside the box this year when stuffing their stockings. Self-care for our little ones is just as important as it is for us. Encourage their hobbies and support what they love. Moxie Creed has a little bit of magic for every child.

Bath Bomb Daisy Gift Set

Do you have a little princess who loves being pampered? What little girl doesn't enjoy a spa day? Give her the gift of the spa without ever leaving your house. Our Bath Bomb Daisy Gift Set is a perfect stocking stuffer for your little diva. Take in the aroma of the Springtime flowers designed with your bath in mind. Each flower is scented with the concentrated aroma of essential oils and organic fragrance.

As the bomb fizzles, it releases baking soda to exfoliate your skin as you relax gently. You'll reveal soft, glowing skin ready for the Springtime sun! Beat the winter blues with these adorable bath bombs. Drop a flower into a bath and let the warm water handle the rest.

Each set comes with six different colored bath bomb daisies, each with its unique scent.

Bath Bomb Gators

Boy: noun, a noise with dirt on it.

Boys are rough and tumble. They love playing in the dirt and are always dirty, no matter what. They have imaginations as big as the sky and find adventure everywhere. Add a little adventure to their stockings this year with a few Bath Bomb Gators. These cute gators "swim" and swirl in the tub, creating sparkly green foam. Your wild boy will never know that he is getting clean. Shhh, don't tell him it will spoil the fun.

Bath Bomb – Heart Emoji

Emojis are fun for everyone in the family. Kids love to communicate with nothing but emojis. Tweens and teens almost speak in emojis. So spread a little holiday cheer with this oversized Heart Emoji Bath Bomb. This unique, hand-painted bath bomb is perfect for kids of any age. Give them the gift of self-care and relaxation, all wrapped up in a soft peach magnolia scent.

Toofer and The Giblet

Do you have a young reader on your Christmas list? Toofer and the Giblet want to join you this season. There is no better gift than the gift of reading. So in place of a toy this year, add to your little one's library. On the surface, these books will teach children to value friendship, prize honesty, and act with integrity. Still, the real power of Toofer & The Giblet, besides the ability to amuse, lies in their appeal to teachers, parents, and grandparents. These are clever adventures and stand-alone stories, but at the heart of this series is a deep kinship between two opposites, simultaneously innocent and wise.

Toofer is reserved, thoughtful, and observant, while The Giblet is outgoing and sociable. Filled with clever adventures and stand-alone stories, this series invites readers to re-discover their world. At the heart of Toofer & The Giblet is a deep friendship, revealed through the innocence and wisdom of its characters.

 Toofer and The Giblet in the Big City

Toofer & The Giblet in the Big City brings an excitement-filled adventure, sure to strike the heartstrings and the funny bone as the characters travel outside Nimblewood for the first time. The Big City offers Toof and Gib a chance to see life from other perspectives, ultimately teaching them more about who they are and want to be.

Toofer & The Giblet Season of Light

Just in time for the holidays! Third in a series of multi-award-winning books: Toofer & The Giblet and Toofer & The Giblet in the Big City, come Toofer & The Giblet Season of Light. 

Season of Light is Nimblewood’s holiday celebration. Peppered with the main character’s typical banter, with an added layer of amusement and concern, Season of Light is the first segment in the series that offers the residents of Nimblewood the chance to gain a fresh perspective of their surroundings and what it might mean if everything were to change. 

Books make lifelong gifts for children. Toof and Gib are available as individual books and as signed gift sets.

We even have the perfect little critters to pair with your Toof & Gib books!

Mew - Kitten in The Big City

Introducing "Mew - Kitten in The Big City," an enchanting and whimsical wooden mouse that captures the heart and spirit of adventurous tales. This miniature-crafted kitten figurine is more than just a home decor piece; it's a tribute to creativity and the magic of storytelling. 

Toofer - Nimblewood's Wise Friend

Place Toofer on your moss landscape beside Humble Tree, your bookshelf, or any space needing a dash of imaginative charm. Add a touch of playful magic to your surroundings, much like the beloved character in Toofer & The Giblet, a heart-warming tale published by Dragon Horse Publishing. 

The Giblet - Nimblewood's Favorite Adventurer

Introducing "The Giblet - Nimblewood's Favorite Adventurer," an enchanting and whimsical wooden mouse that captures the heart and spirit of adventurous tales. This miniature crafted mouse figurine is more than just a home decor piece; it's a tribute to creativity and the magic of storytelling. 

Do you want to add sugar and spice to your little one's stocking this year? We have you covered with all things sweet and tangy.

Mango Sour Belts

Mad for mango? You'll go crazy for these succulent sour belts! Loaded with bright, juicy flavor and dusted with a pop of sour sugar, their tangy, tropical goodness is sure to satisfy—vegan-friendly.

Watermelon Sour Belts

Sour belts that taste of fresh watermelon. Just sour enough to make your lips pucker and the right amount of sweetness to make you want more!

Watermelon Ribbon Candy

Do your little ones enjoy a little kick to their candy? These watermelon ribbon candies will be a sweet and spicy addition to their stockings—luscious watermelon-flavored ribbon candy pillows filled with a kick of chili lime and sea salt.

Do the Dang Thing – Inspirational Pink Pencil Pack Set

Do you have a teen or young adult that could use a little inspiration this season? Our Do the Dang Thing pencil pack is the perfect push. Every girl needs to be reminded that they can make anything happen. Being strong-minded and courageous are attributes to be celebrated and fueled. This set of seven includes:

(2) Make it happen today

(2) Progress over perfection

(2) Fuel your dreams, not your fears

(1) Empowered women empower women

Whether your "kids" are four or forty, we have the perfect stocking stuffers for all ages. So take the stress out of the holidays with Moxie Creed.

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