Best Stocking Stuffers – Foodie Finds

Best Stocking Stuffers – Foodie Finds

 We all know at least one person who loves all things food. Eating, cooking, and sharing their food finds with friends, family, or maybe even the world. But, sometimes, finding the perfect gifts for these individuals can be challenging. Moxie Creed has just what the foodie in your life needs. From charcuterie boards, wooden cooking spoons, cute tea towels, and snacks, there is something to make your foodie smile this holiday season.

Make the kitchen the favorite place to hang out this holiday season. Cook, snack, and enjoy time well spent with foodies, friends, and family.

Thai Chef's Moon Knife

We all know that every meal begins with prep work. So make it easy on the chef this season with the Thai Chef's Moon Knife. Two hundred years of making knives have been passed down through the generations, so today, we have the fruits of this tradition through our Thai Moon Knife. Each Thai Moon Knife is made of carbon steel, cut, and sharpened to traditional standards. The chef's moon knife was traditionally used for cutting pork in the markets; it even cuts through bone. It's a dream for slicing through meat, bone, and hard-skinned fruit (like watermelon).

The lightweight, carbon steel Moon Knife (named for its round shape) allows for a longer cut. In addition, its light, thin blade makes it ideal for preparing coconut, watermelon, hard-skinned fruits - and all meat.

The Thai Chef's Moon Knife will be the perfect addition to your foodie's kitchen.

X-Large Cheese/Charcuterie Board

Are you looking to jump in on the charcuterie board trend or maybe even try a butter board? The X-large cheese and charcuterie board will make anything that you display stand out. This beautiful board is made with exotic olive wood from Italy and varies in size and shape. These boards are as unique as the creations that you place on them.

 This one may not fit in a stocking but will look great, wrapped in a bow.

Let's Cook Natural Wooden Utensil Set

Crafted with care and precision, our wooden utensil set brings a touch of elegance to your kitchen. The warm tones and organic textures of the wood grains effortlessly complement any kitchen decor, adding an inviting and rustic aesthetic to your cooking space.  Each utensil is a work of art, designed not only to serve your culinary needs but also to enhance the overall ambiance of your kitchen. 

Service with Style - Acacia Wood Cookware Set

Introducing the Service with Style -Acacia Wood Cookware Set - your gateway to a healthier, sustainable, and beautifully adorned culinary journey. This curated set comprises essential kitchen tools: 

  • Versatile Spatula
  • Salad Hands
  • Mixer
  • Spurtles

All are crafted from premium acacia wood. 

 Are you looking for a little more food for your favorite foodie? Look no further.

Cranberry Fantasy Candy

Sweet treats are always the best stocking stuffers during the holidays. And who doesn't enjoy a little bit of sweet and spicy? Cranberries are synonymous with the holidays. So grab a bag or two of our Cranberry Fantasy candies and indulge in cranberry candy filled with chili, lime, and sea salt.

Santa Belts Christmas Collection

Of course, nothing says Christmas like Santa. So, your little ones (or even big ones) will love Santa Belts. Everyone loves a sweet and sour treat. Add our Santa Belts to your cart. These make the perfect stocking stuffer. These ribbons start a little sour to remind us to stay off Santa's naughty list and become a sweet strawberry treat. Perfect for kids and adults. After all, it is Christmas– have a snack!

Watermelon Ribbon Candy

  • Luscious watermelon flavor ribbon candy 
  • filled with kick of chili lime and sea salt

Food and friends make the best holidays. Add some humor, and you will make memories this holiday season. We have made holiday shopping simple this year! Let Moxie Creed help you gift the foodie in your life with the perfect additions to their kitchen.

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