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Best Gifts

Moxie Creed

"I have so many people to buy for, and I feel like I keep giving the same items year after year!" Sound familiar? Look no further than Moxie Creed. We search for unique gifts for everyone on your list. Our items are sourced from the U.S. and around the globe, and we love companies that use natural ingredients and elements and those that have a true sense of purpose. 


Here is a list of the best 2021 gifts for even the most meticulous recipients on your list:



A Classic Storybook: Toofer & The Giblet

Toofer is reserved, thoughtful, and observant, while The Giblet is outgoing and sociable. This series is filled with clever adventures and stand-alone stories and invites readers to re-discover their own world. At the heart of Toofer & The Giblet is a deep friendship, revealed through the innocence and wisdom of its characters. 

On the surface, these books will teach children to value friendship, prize honesty, and act with integrity, but I believe the real power of Toofer & The Giblet besides, the ability to amuse, lies in their appeal to teachers, parents, and grandparents. These are clever adventures and stand-alone stories, but at the heart of this series is a deep kinship between two opposites, who are simultaneously innocent and wise.



 Who doesn't love a beautiful charcuterie board? Made from imported natural olive wood and topped with an eco-friendly resin that looks like a glassy, blue water flow, this board is sure to please even the most selective cook or a host that loves to present fancy wine and cheese pairings. The board has a unique shape and looks lovely on the kitchen countertop while not in use. It's a piece of art that begs to be well used or displayed.



Pampering the supermom in your life is the way to go. She doesn't need any more action-packed adventure; she wants a little serenity and time to unwind—Alone.


Pure Drop Vitamin Floral Gift Set, Spa Kit, Wellness

Know someone in need of serious relaxation? Gift them these soothing, smoothing shower treats. Start with our best-selling innovated product Vitamin Shower filter and 4 Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs. Fill your bathroom with a luxurious Nourish flower scent.


What is a Vitamin Shower filter?

This filter fits on the showerhead and is infused with Vitamin C equivalent to 1,500 lemons and eliminates 98% chlorine to protect your skin and hair. It also lifts and firms mature skin by stimulating the normal biosynthesis of collagen moistures with maltodextrin. Unlike other shower steamers, you can use this for more than two and a half months.



These unique office supplies are sure to please the entrepreneur, the boss, or any woman in your life that is a real go-getter.


Boss Lady Pencil Set

Set of 7 pretty pencils that say:

  • "I'm a hustler baby"
  • "Dream big. Dress well. Do good."
  • "Chasing Dreams…not men"
  • "Be the badass CEO of your life"



Kitty Meow's "Big Ass Goals" hot pink watercolor inspirational notebook is for goal getters and women entrepreneurs. It's perfect for women who want to write down their hopes, dreams, and goals in total style. The pages are luxurious, pearl shimmer cardstock.




Pomegranate Blooming Tea

What's more luxurious than cozying up on the couch with a warm cup of tea? How about a tea that blooms a beautiful flower in your cup?  Pomegranate has numerous health benefits due to its high antioxidant levels. It's made with a white tea flower that looks gorgeous and opens your senses to relax even further.

Blooms can be steeped three times, and after drinking, you can keep them in cold water for a week as a decoration. It includes four blooms and a collectible glass cylinder.


Tea Towels with a Message

100% cotton towels with funny phrases like, "Alexa, Clean My House."


Strawberry Santa's Belts Candy

These ribbons of sweetness come in a cute candy jar.

With so many gifts to choose from, Moxie Creed makes it streamlined and easy for you to choose from various categories and choose the perfect gift for everyone on your list.

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