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Wellness and Spa Kit

Wellness and Spa Kit

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Pure Drop Vitamin Floral Gift Set, Spa Kit,Wellness

Know someone in need of serious rest and relaxation? Gift them this soothing, smoothing shower treats. Start with our best selling innovated product Vitamin Shower filter and 4 Cherry Blossom Bath Bombs. Fill your bathroom with luxurious Nourish flower scent.

What is Vitamin Shower filter?
Best way to enjoy aroma scents during shower time💖 Unlike other shower steamer, you can use this more than two and half months with one shot! ✨Much stronger, captivating scents ... with Vitamin C equivalent to 1,500 lemons and eliminate 98% chlorine to protect your skin and hair

  • - Refreshing Rose aroma natural scent
  • - Removal of residual Chlorine : The Vitamin filter removes 98% of residual chlorine in tap water and other dirty kinds so that you can use clean, refreshing water to shower your skin and hair
  • - Moisturizing and Skincare : It lift and firm mature skin by stimulating the normal biosynthesis of collagen and to keep moisture with Maltodextrin
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