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PJ Kabos

PJ Kabos "Family Reserve" Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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Premium Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Medium Intensity, Fresh Harvest, Cold Extracted, Greece Single Origin, 16.9oz, PJ KABOS “Family Reserve”


  • Fresh, clean taste,
  • hand harvested in November of 2020 (2020/21 harvest).
  • Comes in an elegant 16.9 fl oz tin which is easy to store, easy to handle 
  • Great business or personal gift idea.
  • Rich in healthy Antioxidants (410 mg/kg Phenols during production), our evoo is very special to try on its own
  • As a salad dressing,
  • Pairs perfectly with most foods that require a medium taste (salads, vegetable, fruit, meat, poultry, beans, seafood, grains, dairy)
  • Recommended as a finishing oil, it is suitable for all cooking needs (Raw, SautĂ©ing, Deep Frying, Baking, Grilling).

Ingredients: 100% Certified Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil of Single Origin | Ancient Olympia Vicinity (north of Kalamata) | Cold-Extracted | No Additives | Natural Juice | Unrefined | Koroneiki Tree Variety | Non-GMO | BPA-Free | No Pesticides | No Herbicides | No Chemicals | Very low acidity of under 0.25% (over three times less than the maximum limit for the Extra Virgin Olive Oil category). Very high smoke point of over 400°F.

olive groves are in the mystical Peloponnese mountains near the site of Ancient Olympia, Greece. Limited production.

Tasting intensity:

  • Medium.

Tasting characteristics:

  • Aromas of cut grass, tomato leaf, and notes of fresh mint.
  • Taste exhibits abundant fruitiness, medium bitterness and pungency,
  • Notes of basil, green almond and thyme.
  • A high persistence and complexity.

Give your cuisine that authentic Mediterranean taste.