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Man Cave Essentials Gift Bundle

Man Cave Essentials Gift Bundle

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  1. On-The-Go Travel Organizer Set - Gray:

    • An innovative and high-quality travel organizer set designed to keep your suitcase meticulously organized for effortless travel.
  2. Power Shower - Gentleman 12 oz:

    • A grooming product designed specifically for men, offering a refreshing and invigorating shower experience.
  3. Awake Coffee, Cocoa & Beer Soap:

    • A unique soap bar crafted with coffee, cocoa, and beer extracts, providing a rejuvenating and aromatic bathing experience.
  4. Hand Rescue - Work from Home 4 oz:

    • A hand rescue cream designed to nourish and protect hands, particularly suitable for those working from home.
  5. Love Your Locks Coffee Shampoo Bar:

    • A shampoo bar infused with coffee, offering a unique approach to hair care specifically tailored for men.
  6. The Lodge Scented Candle:

    • A scented candle evoking the ambiance of a cozy lodge with notes of saffron, incense, sandalwood, amber, patchouli, and smoke, perfect for creating a warm and comforting atmosphere.
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